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Don't let slow moving traffic weigh you down! Relax and cruise through the urban jungle that is Berlin without a single worry — even during rush hour traffic! #nostress

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Here's where you'll be driving through the city without a single worry, starting today

Find, reserve, and unlock your dream car through the app. Roam through Berlin and drop your car off anywhere within the operating zone. Done. #visityourcity

#drivebyaudi or #drivebyfiat?

Truth in Engineering or Dolce Vita. You decide.

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You pay per kilometer, so you can calculate the cost of your trip ahead of time and not have to worry about traffic jams and long waiting times. True transparency! Get in and enjoy the ride. Our service is genuinely "all-inclusive."





per km
per day
regardless of weather conditions
From Potsdamer Platz to Alex. - even during rush hour traffic*
*Compared to the €4,39 you´d pay for the same trip with our competitor, car2go

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Got questions? We have answers! You can reach us at +49 (0) 151 / 75 74 67 77 or send us an email to berlin@drive-by.de!



You can plan your costs ahead thanks to our pay-per-kilometer policy. Whether it's the daily drive to work or an impromptu road trip, transparency is guaranteed!


Since we're an independent company, we'll be expanding our selection of vehicles together, one step at a time, while considering and fulfilling your wishes and desires. Be a part of drive by and join us!